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Created 4-Dec-12
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"Angel by the Roadside"

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Guestbook for Calie Cemetery, MS Delta
Charlie Smith(non-registered)
I purchased a B&W of this photo at the crafts show in Brandon (10/04/14). This is the grave of my grandfather's first wife. My grandfather (W.W.Johnson) was a ginner in the Isola area. He had four cotton gins and was rather wealthy for the time. Laura was the love of his life, she was also ill for several years, they never had any children. When she died W.W. had the angel portion of the stone shipped in from Italy.

During the time of Laura's sickness, W.W. hired Alice LaLouis to take care of her and be her nurse. Following Laura's death W.W. married Alice and they had four children one of which is my mother, Adrion Smith. His first son, William Johnson was killed on the U.S. Maryland during WWII. W.W. died at the age of 53, my mother was two at the time. When he died my grandmother had him buried next to his first wife. Though he is not listed on the marker, he rests next to his first love.

Followinng the death of my father in 2007, my mom who is totally blind wanted to go on a road trip to retrace her childhood. She directed us straight to this grave site totally from he memory. I have traveled 49 for many years and had always noticed this grave marker and had always wondered what the story was behind this marker. Until 2007 I did not know my granfather was in that grave or the story of my granfather's life.

I have never been to the Brandon craft show untill this date. On a whim I went to see what was going on. I stopped at Jud's booth and just started to look at his photos and came across the photo of my grandfather's grave. It will hang in my living room from now on.
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