I have been shooting a long time now. I have copies of snapshots I took back in the early 60s as a teenager. I am now 67 and still shooting and learning!
I am basically self-taught, though the U.S. Army did provide some good instruction back in the early 70s while I was stationed in Fulda, West Germany. That tour gave rise to a love for travel photography, which I still enjoy.
I have had my business registered as an LLC here in Mississippi since April, 2010, which was the time of my first show (based on a trip to Nova Scotia!).
Right now, I sell mainly large prints (13x19, 16x20) that I love to make on my Epson 3880. They are prints of local blues musicians, New Orleans street musicians, landscapes both local and from around the state, church exteriors/interiors, hot air balloons, cypress swamps, cemeteries and their angels and other statuary. I am doing more portrait work and sports photography lately.
My FB business page is: Academy Street Studio, LLC
My FB personal page is: Calvin J Meaders, Jr
I am on Twitter @JudMeaders
The Selfie is from the Broad River, Chimney Rock, NC